Cannot get model to upload


No outputs found for default parameter values, please update your model definition. Maybe you forgot to internalize data?

Unfortunately as a new user I cannot upload my file. I see someone else had this error.

I checked the model: There is a curve parameter which doesn’t have internalized data. Please open your model locally, set a curve, and then right-click the curve parameter and Internalise data. This will include the definition of the curve in the Grasshopper model.

Can someone please explain what this response a little better? I cannot find this terminology anywhere in the Rhino or Grasshopper help files.

Many thanks


In order to internalize data in Grasshopper, please do this:

  1. Right-click the component you want to internalise data for (in your case the curve parameter), and choose “Set one curve” or “Set multiple curves”:

  2. Select the curve(s) in the Rhino viewport

  3. Right-click the component again and choose “Internalise data”.


Thank you. This really helps me out. I should be able to upload some samples now.

Cheers Alex