Draw curve on the configurator


Hey there!
I just discovered this incredible platform, and I’m wondering if the user can draw a curve directly on the webpage or if there is a work around to let the user draw a personal curve that is used by the gh definition for a sweep2.
Many thanks


Many thanks for your request!
There is no possibility yet to let end users draw or manipulate a curve in the browser. This feature will likely be added in the future. What application would you want to use this feature for?


Hello! The main idea is to use shapedivers as a platform where a master thesis in design can be implemented. The thesis deals with mass customisation, open access project and digital fabrication. The object is a eyewear frame. The drawing of a curve directly on the webpage of the project let the customer to define the favorite profile of the frame itself. Besides this possibility an entire gh code will be uploaded that let the customer to choose different parmeters (size of lens, thickness of the frame, and so on). This personalised 3d model is meant to be 3d printed by the user.
The possibility of drawing the curve can help non-experts to models their favourite eyewear without any limitation related to any software.
Hope to have your feedback about when you will release the possibility to draw ASAP.


I am into Eyewear too and also very interesested in that feature


Many thanks for your feedback. A curve drawing feature is on our development todo list, its priority being average, which means at the very earliest it’s going to be finished middle of the year.

Please be aware that using our API you would already be able to plug a custom web user interface to our viewer by yourself or with the help of a web developer. This would allow you to create a custom UI for curve drawing or manipulating.