Embedding the viewer


In order to embed the viewer on a website as an iframe, please do the following:

  1. Go to the model view page of your model

  2. Scroll down, click on the “Embed” tab

  3. On the very bottom of the page you can find the embed code, which can be included in your website


I tried to embed ShapeDiver model into 2 different websites ( based on wordpress). In first case I got embeded model http://www.arhns.uns.ac.rs/cdd/shapediver-test/
but on the other site (I got only link for my model at ShapeDiver page https://wordpress.com/page/masscustomize.wordpress.com/19 . How to embed the page properly on second site I tried to embed on the same way (copy embed code at html dialog)

Thanks in advance,


Hi Bojan,

I’m sorry you are having trouble with embedding on your website. The difference is that the university website where you embedded successfully the iframe (the first link) is likely a wordpress.org website, i.e the university is hosting the website itself. On the other hand, your own website (the second link) is a wordpress.com website, which means it is hosted by wordpress itself. The problem is that embedding on wordpress.com is only allowed for a small list of whitelisted websites (for example youtube) that is manually decided by Wordpress itself.

A few users have had this problem, and we are started to look at what we should do to get whitelisted, but it might be difficult in any case. On the technical side, the first step would be to become oEmbed compliant (not too hard), but ultimately the decision will be at the discretion of Wordpress only. We are also looking at existing plugins (potentially not free) that would allow to do this. We will keep you updated about this issue.


Hi Mathieu,

Thanks for the answer- I wasn’t sure if the problem is connected with the Wordpress Theme ( but I also realized that it doesn’t work on 3 different wordpress.com themes) or webhosting. It is good to know for everyone who are planning to set up his own website based on wordpress with ShapeDiver tool.