Exporting from ShapeDiver


We are about to add export features to ShapeDiver, and are very excited about the potential this adds. There are many possibilities and use cases, therefore we invite you to share your thoughts and ideas. I have added some initial ideas in the following.

Designers should have the possibility to enable/disable export features for their models. Depending on which export features are enabled by the designer, users will be able to download (or trigger further actions, more on that below).

Types of export

  • Current state of model, in various file formats
  • Current parameter settings
  • The Grasshopper model definition itself (.ghx file)

File formats

  • stl, obj, further mesh formats
  • 3dm
  • dwg/dxf
  • iges, step, further CAD formats
  • IFC, further BIM formats
  • machine code

What to export

  • complete current state of the model
  • specific parts of the model, defined by the designer
  • production data, which is not presented to users in the viewer

How to present exports to the user

  • Download buttons in the viewer
  • Save to Dropbox, Google Drive, …
  • Print at … (3d printing platform), buy at … (Online shop), direct download of 3D model by user could be avoided like this
  • Email


What would be very nice in addition is an option to export data directly to cesium, like it’s done by the CADtoEarth plugin http://www.food4rhino.com/project/cadtoearth-rhino-50?ufh&etx.
And also to import data from GoogleEarth/Cesium to populate the ShapeDiver view a bit…
Best regards


That’s a great idea! I quickly looked into it and it turns out Cesium natively supports loading 3D models from gltf. ShapeDiver outputs geometry as binary gltf (glb), therefore it should be pretty straightforward to support exporting to Cesium, or even better directly embed models from ShapeDiver.

On another note, what are you using Cesium for?


We plan to use it for a research project called Smarticipate. Cesium should be used as basis for the implementation of a user participation tool, which allows to make own urban design proposals. In addition comments and ratings of these proposals shall be possible. To have a parametric Grasshopper model would be very useful to allow variations e.g. of building volumes and positions etc. by layperson.
Looking forward to see the evolution of ShapeDiver!


Hi ShapeDiver
I think the export function is super important for Shapediver to become actually useful, and I think all the options described pretty much nail it.
As for my purposes- I would like to be able to export the curves and the Breps separately, layers should also be supported somehow.
Also important to me is the format - DXF/ DWG are crucial for fabrication, as well as the specific export settings for many purposes.
I dont know about exporting the ghx file - not sure I want everybody nosing around in my code, but thats a bit old school.



Many thanks for your feedback. [quote=“guyaustern, post:5, topic:81”]
As for my purposes- I would like to be able to export the curves and the Breps separately, layers should also be supported somehow.Also important to me is the format - DXF/ DWG are crucial for fabrication, as well as the specific export settings for many purposes.
Our idea is to solve this by adding specific export components to the ShapeDiver plug-in. As an example there will be a DWG/DXF export component which you feed the objects (and optionally layers) to export, as well as the DWG/DXF export settings. Likely there will also be settings on how to present the export to the user. Same for other file formats.

In your application, would you like users to be able to download the exported files directly, or would you like to prevent that?

This would only be an option, not mandatory of course, it really depends on the application.


Ok, if I understood correctly the idea would be to embed models from ShapeDiver. I imagine sth along these lines:

  • When browsing the city, the default (respectively current) configuration of the embedded models is shown
  • Users shall have the possibility to adapt the embedded models, e.g. by entering into an edit mode
  • I guess users shall also have the possibility to add new models?

This sounds like an application where our REST based API would be used. This API is not publicly available yet, but we made it to be in the near future (and it’s of course already used by the ShapeDiver viewer).


Yes, we we’d like to embed ShapeDiver models in the way you described. Uploading own models would be an option, but only for very advanced users. It would already be nice to change some parameters (e.g. position, height) and to save the corresponding variants. People should be able to rate the variants by comparing them (e.g. in a gallery). For the rating it would be great to provide some measures for the variants - also from the grasshopper definition. These are only some first ideas…


I see huge potential for this to model data as well. The Ability to export as a PDF or line drawing would enable it to be leveraged by a much larger population. Love what you all are doing. Just getting my feet wet but see countless applications outside of 3D modeling I am excited to explore.



CAD export will soon be finished, stay tuned!


cant wait !! this feature is really useful for those looking to use shapediver for mass customizing products in their own Eshops. I`m just getting started but so far I am amazed :blush:


working on it, will be there soon!


This is a great news!


Hello Everyone. Any news about export plugin?

I am building an e-commerce on my website and I want to use GH and SD for product configurator.

I was wondering if there will also be the possibility to simply export the GH definition.

I imagine that when the user confirms the order of the product he/she customizes I receive the modified definition ready to 3d print.

Do you think it will be possible?

thanks a lot for the amazing work you’re doing



We have completed the export feature, it is now available for the professional accounts!
If you want to test it, email me at mathieu@shapediver.com and I will send you all the information you need and activate the upgrade for you. The basic use is the one you described: you can receive by email the file corresponding to the user’s chosen parameters, ready for 3d printing or manufacturing. Exporting the GH definition is not possible yet but it can be implemented as well if needed.

The same goes for anyone who needs this feature, let me know! For the foreseeable feature, exporting won’t be available for personal free accounts. It is included in professional accounts for commercial, educational or non-profit applications.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and your projects!


We extended the export capabilities by the following features:

  • STEP file format
  • definition of properties (attributes) for the objects to export: color, layer, name, plot color, plot weight
  • annotation objects can be exported (text, dimension objects, text dots)

Download the latest version of the ShapeDiver plugin to use these new features. Example models can be downloaded from here.

*Release Notes*

Regarding the file formats, is there a chance to expect SVG export? I would like to generate a spec sheet in PDF on my server, with SVG export it will be simple.


SVG export is part of Rhino 6, i.e. we will likely start supporting SVG export once we start supporting Rhino 6.