[FIXED] Model too complex


Hi all
Happy to start debugging your amazing new site!!
Bug #1
I get this error when I upload my model:

Oops! The server encountered an issue with your model:
Solving the model took longer than allowed.
(Ref: ad2764fd-5f41-4b79-9a3f-c46465f19a85)

While my definition is not very simple, it is within what I feel is a reasonable complexity for a GH code.
see uploaded defintion.
parametric-box-for-shapediver-test-04.ghx (1.8 MB)

Good luck to the shapediver team!!


Many thanks for your feedback. I just increased maximum allowed model computation time slightly, in order to allow your model to work on ShapeDiver. Please give it a try once again.


Amazing!! so now it works and more bugs are apparent:
Rnedering - since the model is in rendered mode, the surface edges are not visible. would be nice to be able to control some of these settings.
Panels - for some inputs in the model I used panels. This was done in order for them not to “pop” out and become control parameters of the shape. Some of the panels (the once connected to item selectors for example) indeed stay hidden. The panels connected to angle inputs do pop out and appear in the control panel of the shape - I dont think that was what you meant to happen.
keep up the great work!!


Let me answer your question regarding edges first: You can control this setting in the confirmation screen directly after model upload, or when you go to My Models -> Edit. Scroll down the parameter widget until you get to the Viewer settings.

Panels: We will have a look into that.


Many thanks for your feedback!
I reviewed your model: It contains 8 sliders named Degrees and 11 further sliders. These are exactly the sliders I can see when viewing your model.

Is it correct to assume that you don’t want to show the sliders named Degrees? We might think about a possibility to ignore certain parameters, many thanks for the hint.

About panels: We ignore panels in Grasshopper definitions for now. In the near future we are likely going to support them as string inputs.


Update: we support text inputs now: https://www.shapediver.com/blog/controls