[FIXED] Server Internal Error


Hello SD Team,

Thanks for the good job, it looks like you have done quite a good job, many people were waiting for such an online viewer! I cannot wait trying it with our own GH definitions but so far I get a server error when I attempt to upload one of them : Internal Error, Reference (Ref: 6a9c14d2-b3c9-4a3d-842b-2e0fc2ae3af2). Do you know where does this error come from? Has it something to do with the complexity of the definition?




Many thanks for your feedback! We will check the problem and get back to you.


Sure, I am troubleshooting as well, I’ll let you know if I find the issue before you :slight_smile:


Ok found it, there was a leftover custom component “Appen List” in the definition, that’s what crashed the model. I can start playing now, cool!


Many thanks! I also found the bug on our side. Model checking should tell you from now about libraries or components that are not supported yet.