Image parameter


it would be great to allow an image as a parameter where the user searches in his computer or from an url. This should have a weight limit (perhaps 2 Mb) or a gh component that allows the image to be resampled to a fixed and secure size for fast computation.

It has a lot of custom design applications.

I don’t know if this was on the list but if not, it would be a good feature.



Fully agreed, we are working on a component in the ShapeDiver plug-in that allows to stream in size-limited data from a URL (images, meshes, simple geometry like dxf, etc)


Hello Alex, is this feature available allready? i’m very interested into let the user upload a mesh and modify it on the ShapeDiver Viewer.



We already finished implementation of a feature that allows to stream in obj meshes and dxfs (some limitations apply). It’s not officially released yet, if you want to give it a try please write to and we will add you as a beta tester.