Lunchbox Library


Hello everyone.

First of all thanks for this awesome tool. I’m sure that will help all of us with our jobs.

I was trying to upload a grasshopper definition that uses lunchbox components but I received an error saying that lunchbox is not compatible yet.

I was wondering if you plan to add lunchbox and the other grasshopper plugins (like kangaroo for example) in the near future.

thanks again

bye bye


Hi @Digital_Fucina,

thanks for your nice words about ShapeDiver! Yes, we are planning on supporting as many plugins as possible in the near future. There’s a few organizational issues that we have to figure out before we can do it, but you can expect to see the first plugins being supported in a few weeks or even sooner.
I just saw that you already found our plugins wishlist so feel free to add any other plugins you would like to see there.