Perspective projection to a parallel


Is it possible to switch from a perspective projection to a parallel one?
And how to proceed?



We don’t support parallel projection in our viewer yet, but this feature request is already present on our list and will be added for sure. We will keep you updated. Which application would you use it for?


Now that you are supporting Peacock I’m woking on custom ring business.
In need to improve the code because fornow it take too many time to compute…
However pespective view on tiny objects like rings are not ok.


Many thanks for your feedback, please be aware of the following:

  • you can get more model computation (up to 30sec instead of 5sec) time by registering for a Pro account
  • in the viewer settings you can adapt the field of view (go to edit model -> viewer settings), making the perspective projection behave almost like a parallel projection


Thanks for field of view trick.

I will ask Mathieu for pro account details and pricing.