Please use this discussion thread to tell us about plug-ins you would like to be able to use with ShapeDiver.

Lunchbox Library

And my two plugins, Peacock (jewelry) and PhylloMachine (plant modeling) are cluster, all Peacock are protected by password. I hope you can implement this soon. Especially Peacock because this technology will be very useful for generative jewelry.

Maybe use the surveys of facebook would be useful for this.


For my own, : in first
Mesh Edit



I would like to propose Kangaroo2


Hi everyone,

just a quick update that we got the approval of the plugin owners for most of the suggestions, and we are almost ready to deploy them, we are just running some more tests. We will start with Weaverbird and MeshEdit.

Ramon, could you tell us what application you have in mind using ShapeDiver+Kangaroo? It shouldn’t be a problem to deploy it, but at the moment ShapeDiver won’t be able to display the solver iterations in real-time. If you are thinking of an application where it would make sense to include it in the current version, please let us know and we can discuss it.


Kangaroo is one of most popular add on GH community, a lot of user are expecting how to demonstrate their cool Simulation. most of convention Approach are recording a Video. But this restrict the interactivity.

It would be highly recommended to stream a GH+Kangaroo physic Simulation via browser.

I think it won’t be easier to deal with Library from Kangaroo 0.99, maybe with Kangaroo 2 can be possible since Daniel has shared the Goal library…

I am very exciting and looking forward to hearing any improvement, Keep going!!


Thanks for the input! We will keep your advice in mind and try to think of a good solution for Kangaroo. No promises for now, as there are other priorities on the list.


What about lunchbox? Will you add it?


Yes, it’s on the list!


MetaHopper would be usefull too :slight_smile:


Packrat or other bin packing tool would be great, even if it’s just the same capability as the evaluation version.


Weaverbird should be a very good stuff, because I’m going crazy to find a way to go without it for the breacelet I want to upload :slight_smile:
In a second time MeshEdit, because it’s very usefull too.


Weaverbird is already active, you can use it, please give it a try.



I would like to have:

Leafcutter and

besides the already mentioned


Hi there, many thanks for your input, I have added Treesloth to our list, we can’t allow Elefront and Leafcutter for now.


Hello there. Any news about lunchbox? Thanks :smiley:


Second the requirement for Lunchbox - all of my current projects use it and I have an excellent business case for using Shapediver - however without Lunchbox I’m stuck.




Hi there!

We will add MeshEdit very soon.
As for Lunchbox, we can add it but without some of its components: we will not allow the components from the sections “Data” and “Workflow” because they mess with the Rhino document. Are the other components (sections “Generate”, “Math”, “Panels”, “Structure” and “Util”) enough for your applications?


YES - If I can get those my plan to take over the world will come together! :grinning:


We just added MeshEdit and Lunchbox, as discussed above!
You can start uploading your definitions, and we welcome any bug reports you run into. We’ll only announce the update in a few days, to make sure everything is in order.