Hi There…
I would like to make a catalogue and I was wondering if it is possible to have “Karamba3D”



We are in touch with the developers of Karamba to figure out whether this is possible. Which components of Karamba would you like to use on ShapeDiver?


Hi Alex…
Have you ever used Karamba?

I think we need all the component to make an analyses.

The main components are:

Assemble model
Line to beam
Beam view
Model view

But I think that Clemens and the other are gonna explain this better.

Marco =)


I might need Rhino Nest, or a way to optimize the nesting of objects.

Yevgeny K.


The Data Recorder Component would be very handy to have implemented. To the best of my knowledge it only saves geometry in Grasshopper, not in the Rhino document, so maybe not as big a security risk? Way over my paygrade though.

I think I can pull off what I want to using the API but not sure. I’m making a simple script that revolves around letting users combine platonic solids (from Lunchbox) together to make larger shapes. Without a data recorder, I think I have to recreate the options for each platonic slider I want in the script (ie size, location etc), which means I’m repeating code a lot.


In terms of plugins, I think my dream would be to be able to use Human UI to build out how sliders etc would work on the page. That would be mammoth though I imagine, as it would need some sort of converter from however it works in Grasshopper to being CSS etc.


Not a plugin, but I’d love to be able to load up a 3dm to be used alongside shapediver. Say I was wanting to include some landscape - rather than hope that Elk or similar is one day supported, I could just create the topographic surface from GIS data then use it in Shapediver straight away.


Hi Yevgeny,

We’re evaluating possible solutions for nesting at the moment, I’ll keep you updated about this topic.
In the meanwhile, we offer the integration of unrolling and nesting components in grasshopper models using our own experience and scripts, when they are needed for specific applications. Let me know if I can help with such a project.


Hi Dean,

Let me try and tackle all your questions below:

  1. We have never considered the Data Recorder Component before, I guess we’ll have to look into it. However I’m not sure about your scripting issue in this case: in a script you can get all the info you need about input components, their options, parameters, etc… Hit me with an email if you need help, hopefully I’m not misunderstanding your issue.
  2. Human UI: that would be nice, wouldn’t it :wink: . We won’t be working on something like this for the foreseeable future, but we welcome anyone who wants to! I think a simple connection wouldn’t be overly complicated to achieve (detaching a Human UI interface from a Rhino/GH instance and calling our servers instead). Building that into a website, well, that’s another story… Learning CSS might be easier.
  3. Importing geometry is quite high on our list of priorities at the moment, after we finally built in the export side. You’ll know as soon as we get closer.


Just tried to upload a Def with LunchBox components and had the standard ‘cannot use password protected clusters’ error.

I’ll need to look into which item was the problem.




Hi Mathieu,

The problem I’m having above is actually with the Lunchbox unroll component.

All of my current projects need unroll and nest functions, can I talk to you further about the shape diver components for this.




I just looked at the unroll component and I think we should be able to allow it, I will let you know when we do (hopefully in the next couple of days).
As for nesting, like I told Yevgeny above, there is no standard component or plugin that we allow at the moment, mainly because good nesting software is expensive. We have been developing custom nesting solutions on a case-by-case basis for users who need one, if you want to discuss this further send me an email at


Hi Guys,

Correction - just noticed it is the ‘FABTOOLS’ unroll component I’m using - any plans to add that to the mix? I use its ability to unroll curves along with the BREP items.




We will get in contact with Florian Frank who developed FABTOOLS and ask him whether we can install them on our servers – we will get back to you.


Florian Frank already came back to me, we will allow FABTOOLS on ShapeDiver, it will take us a few days to get this done.

*Release Notes*
*Release Notes*

We are happy to announce that we added support for the following plug-ins:

These plug-ins are already support since a while:

Coming soon:

Have fun using ShapeDiver! We are looking forward to your feedback.



Amazingly quick for what it does. Just fiddling with the example of fitting a surface to random points is impressive, and the K-means stuff is likely to be very handy.


Many thanks for the hint, we have added Owl to our list and will review whether it can be installed.


I’m looking for dynamic input solider solution without deal with remap function.
I found a plugin named Metahopper. Does it work here?


I would love to have Fabtools work with this.
Currently, I don’t see any way to display and output dimensions, and these components work very well.