ShapeWays material doesn't work


I connect ShapeWay credentials to ShapeWay material, but it doesn’t work. For the Error message please the image attached

Shape credentials work for other components ( ShapeWays Category, ShapeWays Printer, ShapeDiveExport, ShapeWays Price)


In case you recompute the solution, does this problem happen again? It could be a temporary connection problem to the ShapeWays API.

We experienced that the ShapeWays API can get slow sometimes, which impacts user experience for your models on ShapeDiver. We therefore suggest for now to use the components for requesting materials, categories, and printers from the ShapeWays API for model setup only, and then hardcode the material and category IDs into your Grasshopper model.

Our ShapeDiverShapeWaysPrice components, which uses the ShapeWays API to retrieve a price estimation, can suffer from the same problem of slow API access. We are thinking about an alternative solution to this.


I recompute it again and it works now. Thanks!