User Objects, scripts, iframe and store


I have great hope in this technology, we need it!

Some questions:

  1. What happens if a UserObject have a password? Can you execute it? And if has scripts inside?

  2. I understand that for safety reasons, you want to review the scripts manually. But this is very annoying, sometimes you have little time to present a project and that is an increase of time that depends on someone else. Do you have thought automate it for the future?

  3. Is already available the possibility to put an iframe on my website?

  4. It will soon be able to sell the models from that web or from a iframe on my web?

  5. What can do/help a developer to allow such plugin can be used here?

The upload button in the upper right corner is confusing when you’re a editing a model and must press “Apply Settings” (or something like that). Perhaps on that particular page should disable the upload button.

Thanks in advanve!


Many thanks for your feedback!

You are referring to password protected clusters, correct? For the moment we do not recognize such models, you will receive a message telling you “Not a Grasshopper ghx file”. This is due to the fact that we can’t read and check the password protected part of the model. It is on our list to try and resolve this.

If your more contains scripts, we have to check the scripts manually. Automatic script checking might be added in the future. Each script needs to be checked by us only once, in case you reuse it in another model it will not need to be checked once again.

Please see above. Automatic script checking is not likely to be implemented soon.

Yes, if you make your model public you will be able to embed it:

Please use this topic to tell us which plug-ins you would like to be able to use with ShapeDiver.

Many thanks for this hint, fully agreed, we will improve this!


Alex didn’t address point 4:

This is of course one of the top priorities. We are currently building an interface to facilitate the integration of the viewer in an e-commerce website, and will be testing it very soon. Note that using ShapeDiver for commercial purposes will come at a price in the future. However, it will stay free during the beta phase and we are happy to work with you and help you build the application you have in mind.


Thank you very much.
Hopefully soon you have the option of selling the models in store.
Are you open to collaboration with companies to seek benefits of mutual interest? Or you are not yet at that point?


I just saw your message while I was writing mine. As I said above, we are of course open to collaboration, happily so! Send us an email with more details about your application and we can start a discussion: