Visualizing object properties


Hi! I started using Shapedriver recently and I have to say it´s just great!!

Still, I am wondering if it could be possible to visualize certain properties of an object clicking on it. I mean its surface, volume or maybe some text that was previously linked to that object in Grasshopper. Lets say you are defining a basic geometry for plots and buildings in Grasshopper and you want to visualize not only their geometry but their numeric features once you upload the file to Shpaedriver.



Copy/paste of this discussion from the grasshopper forum:

Reply by Mathieu Huard yesterday
Hi owe,

Thanks for the kind words!

We have been considering a lot of features for the online viewer, but so far we have decided to keep it simple and open. We will slowly add to it but for now the focus is on improving the rendering.

Once the code is clean enough, we will make it open source so that anyone can add specific features to it. Your case fits well in this category. You can already communicate any data between the viewer and Grasshopper, the only missing part is the UI you describe.

In the meantime, since ShapeDiver supports text outputs, some users have been simply displaying values directly in the model:

Another newly added option is to use parametric textures for displaying text not as 3D elements but as images on the geometry:

This is nowhere near the nice interface you describe, but a good place to start.

Reply by owe yesterday
Aha, very interesting Mathieu, that might do it until you develop Shapedriver further.

Thanks a lot!!


These links number 4 isn’t working.
I want to display some text values of performance measures (panels) in my model. How can I do it?


You can use 3D and 2D text tags to display text, have a look at this example:
which can be download from here: